Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wishes do come true! Part Two

I bought my current car about 7 years ago. A little Mazda 323, owned by a little old lady who drove it rarely and kept it in immaculate condition, it had amazingly low KMs on the clock and every mechanic (and once, a car park attendant!) fell into oohs and ahs when they looked at the interior or under the bonnet - reasonably so, given it is a 1984 model and only two months younger than my eldest daughter, about to turn 28! Even so, I was taken aback a year or two ago when the RACV guy went into raptures of respect for my now-classic car!

My dutiful Tardis would hold an amazing amount of ABA stuff for events and work and with regular love and care, she has trundled me around for all this time. But all good things come to an end and she is now coughing and spluttering, struggling to to get moving at intersections and needing more $$ invested than seemed sensible to keep her on the road.

I told my husband I need a new car with a sad heart, as I really do love my little lady.

Timing being everything, my hubby was about to get a new car himself - and decided to use his current car as a trade in on mine, as his is a work car and he gets a car allowance. Suddenly, a new car became a reality and - even better - we can keep my little Mazda, fix her up and let my son drive her once he gets his license. Or maybe sell her to a classic car fan!

So yesterday, we went looking at used cars (don't get too excited - you didn't think I would get a brand new one, did you? Me - the recycling queen??) and we found a worthy replacement! A 2006 Honda Jazz! Just like this!
Yes - it is that yellow! The salesman was worried I mightn't like such a bright colour but I soon put him right! It isn't purple or orange, but that's okay - I like yellow too, especially this sort of orangey-yellow!!

We will pick her up in a day or so - she was only freshly-traded and hadn't been detailed or road worthied yet, so she will get her face and fancy threads on to meet me properly. The test drive was great, she handles so well - must be all those innovations in car design since 1984 :)

So - happy days!!!

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