Saturday, February 18, 2012

How's your house looking?

So the New Year's resolutions have faded, school and work life are back in the swing and your house is looking ... neglected? Or is that just me?

As the change of season approaches, I start to get twitchy and want to declutter and organise, but it is more than that - I want my home to be the haven it is in my head. Which is why I love Goddess Leonie's Creating Your Goddess haven course, which is rolling around again on March 1st.

I have done this course a few times now - as a member of the Goddess Circle, I can access the courses whenever and as often as I wish. The six-week course focuses on a different part of the home each week and gives ideas on decluttering and organising, but also on the little things that make your house into a home you want to retreat to when the world closes in. As Leonie says:

A six-week adventure for when you’re wanting & needing & craving a space that is a true haven for your the Goddess in You! You’ll use space clearing techniques to make your space’s energy sparkle. You’ll learn how to divinely declutter. You’ll dive into inspired interior design. You’ll be empowered with all of the wisdom, tools & techniques you need to make your space feel & look amazing to you. And you’ll end up with a home that is a sanctuary just for you.

This is just another example of the wonderful stuff I get as part of my yearly membership in the Goddess Circle - but the friendships are the icing on the cake :)

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