Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today I am Thankful - downtime, traffic-stopper and planning

- for downtime: with a busy week behind me and a busy week ahead of me, a rest day today was fortunate and necessary!

- for stopping traffic: some may say my tie-dyed fisherman pants could stop traffic alone, however yesterday they helped me stay seen, stay safe as I stood in the middle of one of our busiest intersections to make the traffic into/out of the roundabout wait so our MS group could cross the road safely: with one electric wheelchair, a walking frame and a couple of walking sticks, we stopped traffic alright!!!

- for planning: weeks like this one coming I really appreciate all the systems I have in place - my calendar for tomorrow alone is boggling - ABA group, water aerobics, physio, naturopath and my new counsellor! Then three working days and yoga class, followed by the doctor on Friday and then full-on getting organised for my son's 21st birthday party on Saturday! Luckily, my phone is full of reminders and text messages to tell me where I need be at any given moment! (And hopefully time to keep on track with my art assignments too!)

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