Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today I am thankful -

- for thankfulness: I haven't posted for a week, but have had lots to be thankful for. Taking time away from the computer has been one of them!

- for reading: I am reading books by Debbie Macomber right now. While she isn't at the level of Maeve Binchy, her books are easy reads and hold interest, which is good enough right now!

- for partying: Melissa held her housewarming on Sunday afternoon, a High Tea!
Made by a friend from work!

tea cup biscuits

Just a small sample of the feast!

Note the pinkys!
 - for completion: my gallery wall in the lounge room is done! Right down to the last Scrabble letter on my canvas and the framed scrapbook layout of Kaitlyn's wedding and two photo books of her wedding photos. And I am pretty well done with my Scrabble tile labelling of my bookshelves and the corresponding tidying and culling of my collection. So when I enter the room now, it is with an "AH!" rather than a mental checklist of part-finished tasks!

- for empty: my wool stash is nearly depleted and my Friendship Blanket is moving closer to being done. I am hoping to get several balls of wool from friends this weekend as part of my birthday celebrations and I think once they are incorporated, I will add a final, decorative edge and call it done!

- for patience: every day I get through right now is another step closer to warmer weather and relief from fibromyalgia. This has been a difficult winter so far, health-wise, and I am just looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel and keeping it in focus.

- for anticipation: Friday is my birthday! And I am celebrating that evening with some old NMAA friends - Martine, Wendy, Suzanne and Genevieve  - and then lunch the next day with old school friends Karen, Jackie and Sue!

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