Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today I am thankful - market, mojo and reading

- for market day: Molly and I had a lovely time at the farmers market today, the rain held off and although it was a little boggy underfoot, it wasn't too bad. I bought a bacon and egg roll, but I mostly ate egg roll, because the bacon seemed to vanish into my companion! I had a lovely chat with the lady selling citrus grown in Redcliffs - my father was born there! She asked if I had Italian heritage (with a bewildered look that suggests I do not look like I do!) and I explained that my family were there well-before the post-WW2 migrants.  I explained they were up there clearing the land in the 1920s and she exclaimed "Oh, with Big Lizzie!" I explained this was so and that my grandfather and others in the family were featured in a newspaper article that included photos not only of them, but of Big Lizzie too! I must scan the article to share - I searched the original newspaper archives at The State Library a few years ago and requested a copy. But Google found this for me for now!

 This massive traction engine is the largest ever built in Australia. So large and so slow that it took over two years (1917-1919) to make the journey from Melbourne to the Red Cliffs area. It weighs over 45 tons, is 34 feet long, 11 feet wide and 18 feet high. It was powered by a 60 horse-power single cylinder Blackstone crude oil engine weighing 8 tons. The turning circle was something to marvel at; it took 200 feet radius to turn it around. It towed two massive trailers, each with their own water and oil reserve tanks, and had an overall carrying capacity of 80 tons.

- for mojo: I spent some time in my scrapbooking room today, first in ages! While I didn't do any actual scrapping, I did some album organisation from last year and filled my memory stick with photos to print! I also installed the paper racks kaitlyn passed onto me from her MIL and that is also a great motivator! The wedding is obviously the main project I need to begin, so I sorted images from the lead up. Tomorrow, kaitlyn and I are going to the scrapbook shop to stock up on supplies with a wedding theme!

- for reading: I started a Debbie Macomber novel this afternoon and am up to page 91 already! It is A Good Yarn and is set in a yarn shop! The characters are knitting socks - this seems to be a recurring theme everywhere I turn of late, so perhaps I need to start a knitting project after my crochet one is complete! However, in the meantime, I plan to read all about it! My book collection is a vision of wonder right now and very inspiring to knuckle down and read! I have ordered additional Scrabble tiles so I can continue shelf-labelling and will take some photos when I get some decent natural light in the lounge room.

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