Monday, July 11, 2011

Today I am thankful - doing, books and more books

- for doing: I managed to get things moving in the scrapbooking room, rearranging so the second printer no longer sits on the floor :) and cleared the rest of the clutter from the rest of it too! Got to be a dumping ground during all the recent moving and shaking, but need to get back to purpose. (I over-did it, of course, and over-heated, leading to a MS fatigue flare up requiring about two hours recovery, but you know ...)

- for books: before I tackled the scrap room, I spent some time pottering amongst my bookshelves, reshelving and putting lost souls where they belong. And began my labelling project: for years I have hankered after shelf labels made of Scrabble letters and I have begun with the leftovers from my Family Names project. Thank goodness I discovered Scrabble letters for sale on Ebay! This is the canvas:
Waiting for delivery of missing letters!
- for more books: I spent some time in my Crime/Mystery section when I was tidying and thought to myself I really must continue to build my Agatha Christie collection. Later, after my chiropractor appointment, I popped in to say hello to my daughter at the Savers store where she works and walked out with a bag-full of Christie plus a couple of other books on my list!! Second-hand in near new condition, then with her 50% staff discount :) Life is good!

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