Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today I am thankful - support, rescue and boobs

- for support: it was MS group again today and it is beginning to come together as a group, as opposed to random people meeting up. Quite hysterical though, all of us struggle to remember names - even if we just heard it - but battle on confidently inserting quite the wrong names as we talk :) "But you see, Anthony... David ..." Lovely to see you Mary." "JAYNE!" says the floor!

- for rescue: also meeting at the same venue were an animal rescue group having training. One rescuer was on duty, with two baby possums tucked up in a pink polar fleece pouch that she was feeding via dropper every few hours. One had only come in yesterday, a hairless, eyes-closed joey if a Brush-Tailed Possum who had been in the pouch when his mother died. He kept  crying for her at feed times. The other, an older Ring Tail not much bigger, scurried about under his carer's scarf, poking his tail out or peeping with wide possum eyes. We had a two year old and a six year old with us - entranced.

- for boobs: in honour of the myriad friendships I have had over 27 years in a breastfeeding support network, I crocheted two breasts to incorporate into my Friendship Blanket ;) I wish I could see the cleaner's face when she makes the bed on Tuesday while I am at work!

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