Monday, July 4, 2011

Today I am thankful - recovery, fantasy, fame and progress

- for recovery: it has been a bumpy ride but I think it is almost at an end. I woke at 2am Wednesday morning with a headache and haven't been well since! Thursday I thought it was developing into a migraine but it revealed itself to be viral when further symptoms joined the party. So I left work at lunchtime Thursday and took to my bed and here I am still in it on Monday! Fatigue has set in and I probably won't have the most productive work week but things can only get better!

- for fantasy: to distract my brain while my body rested, I headed to Hogwarts! Over Saturday and Sunday, I watched all seven Harry Potter movies back-to-back and am now impatiently awaiting the last installment due in a couple of weeks.

- for fame without fortune: after more than a year, a DVD arrived in the post - Creating Resilient Families by MS Australia and featuring Melissa and I among other contributors! We filmed it so long ago I can't recall when and I had completely forgotten what we actually said, but all is good! None of the rest of the family were up for it when asked ;)

- for progress: even having restricted my time crocheting while sick, I have still made serious inroads into my yarn stash! The Friendship Blanket is close to covering the top of my queen-sized bed and will soon begin to pour down the sides. It's warmth is comforting.

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