Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today I am thankful - post, planning and odd socks!

 - for post: I use my work address for online shopping delivery - if I use home, they take it to the post office if nobody is home, but the work postie knows the days we are closed and just keeps them in his van for me :) And today he came laden, like Christmas morning! A vintage Scrabble game with extra letters to complete my wall art; new cushions for the couch - now I seem to have a Scrabble theme going in the lounge room -  and the first of two photo books I have had done featuring Kaitlyn's wedding. I knew they were all coming, but there was a wonderful surprise as well - one of my scrapbooking/Facebook friends made the most incredible detailed mother-and-baby-doll (like the Mamamour ones I lust after) out of crochet! Be still my beating heart! I was having a blah mid-winter day and then the postman brought joy! You can see Kylie's work at her Etsy shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop/yillup

- for planning - I had an idea to do something with an occasional table that I have had since I left home and belonged to my parents before that - it has no value other than sentimental. It involves - you guessed it - Scrabble letters :) Itching for the weekend to tackle it!

- for socks! I cannot stand boring socks and have taken to wearing odd socks (much to my cleaner's confusion - I must explain why that aspect of my laundry has become disordered!) so I was thrilled to find this today on Pinterest (oh, how I love thee!) - http://www.socklady.com - and wish I had yesterday, which was officially "Wear odd socks to remember Dobby" day :)

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