Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am LEO, hear me roar!

As the astrological calender moves into Leo and my birth-week, I am amazed as ever by the number of people I am friends with who share not only my star sign but whose birthdays are clustered around my own! Am I attracted to those born in the week out of 52 that I was or is it the most random of coincidences?

At one stage, I worked with a boss who was one year and one day younger than I and we shared our birthday morning tea with the EO upstairs! A few weeks ago the topic of birthdays came up at our MS group and the other leader has a birthday the day after mine and others in the group were just before or just after! Our ABA treasurer is also the day after mine and a board member is also this week! But what prompted this post is I just discovered my partner-in-crime in Dandenong ABA also has a birthday this week!

Facebook adds my friend's birthdays to my Google calendar and the upcoming week is awash with them. It is even a busy week for politicians and celebrities!

Just confirms that Leos rule the world and obviously like to hang out together too!

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Tangerine Meg said...

I am a kindred from the Libran corner of the year!
Love your lionessness :)