Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Christmas Roster

Christmas 2001: Kieran was 10, Kaitlyn 14 and Melissa 17. Far from being too old for silly family traditions, they decided to roster the three major honours of decorating our home at Christmas - putting the Angel on top of the tree, adding the final piece of the communal Advent calendar and arranging the figures in the Nativity creche.

Using their 1st and 2nd initials (to distinguish between K and K!), they projected as far into the future as they could imagine still taking part in these rituals - all they way to 2006, when they would be  15, 19 and 22,.

The roster was a great success, but they underestimated in their projections! They are still going strong and simply returned to the beginning and started over! Over the next couple of days their roster, carefully preserved in the back of our Santa photo album, will be in action once again - even at 19, 23 and 26 and despite one being newly-married with a home of her own!

I love my kids :)

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