Friday, September 9, 2011

Today I am thankful - garden, purple and Ikea

- For Spring and a surprise garden! One of my friends and colleagues surprised me this week by planting the empty garden beds outside our Breastfeeding Centre, which are now going to be filled with colour!

- For world domination! Not one, but TWO of my favourite storage options have been released in PURPLE  
to my delighted discovery this week!

Tupperware Heat and Eat and Ikea Skubb clothes organisers:

- For Ikea! What can I say? My daughters and I love the whole Ikea experience, so there we were last night, on the opening day of the new store in Springvale - about 5-10 mins drive from work and about 15 mins drive from home!!! And it was so good! 2.5km walk to get through the entire store, so exercise and retail therapy!!!! I came home with the above containers (which were on my list, the purple was a bonus!) and newmemory-foam pillow (which was on my list but I didn't know i would get it at Ikea) and some photo frames for my new gallery wall project in the living room. Kaitlyn was retrained and got a couple of small items, while Melissa shopped til she dropped with stuff she needs for her new home. There are still some larger items on the list, so we will be back again soon! Sigh! I can pop in after work!

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