Monday, September 19, 2011

Today I am Thankful

- for a mini-break: quite unplanned, I ended up with four days of no commitments, which coincided with a burst of wonderful weather! it has been like a holiday for me. Just as the winter drags me down, the change to spring boosts me right back up again (maybe that is why it is called Spring - BOING!). Friday morning I had my first myotherapy session in way too long - making appointments slipped off my list along with most everything good for me over winter :(. But it was good to be back and I could feel the improvement almost straight away. I stopped to do some shopping on the way home and actually went into our health insurers and changed our extras cover to a much better one, which will include myotherapy AND other natural therapies! Once home, I grabbed the dog and we hit the beach for our first beach walk of the season :) saturday, she got another walk, up the hill to the vets to have her claws clipped and then I spend the rest of the day catching up on reading. Sunday started with the Seaford Farmers Market and that included another beach walk for the now-delighted dog and then home for more R & R. Today was a quick shopping trip - including buying a new rice cooker - then home for some serious blog surfing and then another walk - this time at the park! Such a contrast to the energy levels of even a few weeks ago! We're back on track :)

- for leash-free: I have been very reluctant to allow Molly off the lead in any but fenced leash-free zones, as her impulse to chase birds worried me about roads and running away. But now she is three, she has settled down a lot, so we have been working on walking without a lead in controlled spaces: a local park and the beach (not technically legal, but ...) and to our mutual delight, she has been brilliant! She trots along beside me, frequently making eye contact to make sure I haven't gotten away and has even coped with encounters with other dogs AND is not charging off after birds in an uncontrolled way. i think we have cracked it and she is as happy as I am.

- for fresh air: today I had all the doors and windows open and Spring washed through with a northerly window and cleaned winter out of the nooks and crannies. I wish I could have lifted off the roof to let it in :)

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