Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today I am Thankful - video, food and completion

- for this wonderful video, produced by one of the wonderful women in my Goddess Circle. I find it really hard to describe to people what having Fibromyalgia is like, but this captures it perfectly. It might come as a surprise that I find Fibromyalgia equal with Multiple Sclerosis in my life and it actually dominates my days more than the MS, which tends to flare up and then subside. I hope this helps you understand better why I cannot always "put on a smiling face" - especially at the top and tail of the day, when it is worse.

- for food: Despite all my best efforts, I found out yesterday that both my Vitamin D and iron levels are down, whilst my cholesterol is up! So it looks like I am going to need to prepare all my meals, including the evening ones on the nights my son and husband take their turn to cook, because they don't always meet my dietary requirements. So I am going to embrace this and get back into full menu planning for all my meals and take another look at the Jellinek MS diet while I am it - although it includes NO meat (just fish and a vegan diet basically) so I might need to modify it til I get my iron on track.

- for completition" My Scrabble table is done! Fully coated in self-levelling resin. I also now have a full set of Scrabble games in every version released since the fifties, plus more than enough wooden racks for my photo wall display, boards to tuen into photo wall art and bits and pieces to sell back to Ebay, where they all came from! Anyone for Scrabble???

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