Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today I am Thankful - Baby news, traditions and dickens

- for baby news: a totally unexpected - but delightful - aspect of mid-life is the joy of hearing that friend's children - and also, children's friends! - are having babies! Who knew there was a whole other circle of new life to enjoy? Yesterday I got an email from one of my school friends/bridesmaids/BFF to announce her first grandchild is expected - that's the second grandchild for this special Circle. Although I am looking forward to my own future grandchildren, I am not one of those mothers (yet?) nagging her offspring to reproduce, so can bask in the joy of others without feeling left out (it probably helps to get regular newborn fixes at work, LOL!)

- for traditions: tomorrow I go to the Royal Melbourne Show with my three grown children - out of the ten days it runs, tomorrow is the ONE window of opportunity all four of us are free! We have loved doing this for years (Rodney, not so much - he dropped out some time ago) and our experience has evolved to become more of a foodie experience as well as a nostalgic ritual. Thankfully, it was never about expensive rides for my kids and choosing how to maximise their showbag dollar value added to the fun. We will pay homage to the prize-winning animals, admire the arts and crafts and taste-test our way through the pavillion - and walk kilometres along the way!

- for Dickens: Having decided to work my way through the works of Charles Dickens as audio books, I am immersed in Bleak House in the car - a mere 30 hours across 30 CDs. While others love the works of Jane Austen, I adore the characters Dickens creates and the way he describes daily life in such detail you feel you are there.

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