Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today I am thankful - comic relief

- for comic relief: I detoured on my way home from work yesteday, via our storage unit, which took me along a  busy local road. Over the course of moments, my thoughts were "something on the footpath. its moving. its walking. its an echidna!" which gave me micro-seconds of excitement. So when I arrived up the road at the storage facility, I took a minute to post a Facebook status update via my phone, sharing my experience. Except stupid auto-correct took over. And this went through before I checked it:
I just drove past an China ammbling along the footpath on slur rd! Haven't seen a wild one locally for decades :)
Which caused Friends around the world to do a double-take. I quickly commented to correct it:
 Bloody auto correct - echidna on slur rd
And then another:
 Skye rd, dammit!
Well, by the time I got home, my Wall was flooded with hysterical responses! The confusion was not helped by the fact that the day before I had been posting about international visitors to the Breastfeeding Centre - from China!! Nor the fact that Skye Road rendered as Slur, which some thought I was!

So, for the record, I saw a wild echidna on Skye Road.
 He was neither Chinese nor slurring ;)

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