Thursday, September 29, 2011

There is great excitement among the staff at the Breastfeeding Centre right now (that is me and my Wednesday partner-in-crime Kintara!) as our plans and dreams for a refit of our office are final coming into place. We are about to do a big shopping trip to Ikea to update some very old and inadequate storage units and desks, with wonderful Expedit units!!!!!

We are also hopeful that we will be able to action the building plans to modify the current partitioning to create two closed office spaces where there is now one. Using wonderful software I found online, I was able to draft the new plan a few months ago, so this gives you an idea of what it will look like:

In the family room, we will have one of these to hold the TV,toys and our teaching aids like baby dolls and knitted breasts:
We will also have one of these to hold more toys:
Replacing the two current bookcases will be two of these. They will hold the library, handout materials, breast pumps and lactation aids for sale and display items:
In our offices, we will each have one of these, with the additional desk option, to house all of our admin supplies etc - these will be our new work stations:
And, finally, each office space will have one of these, giving us individual meeting/breastfeeding support space for our visitors and can also be screened for mums needing extra privacy. Volunteers coming in to do shifts on our Breastfeeding Helpline (normally done at home) will also be comfortable on these with a cordless phone and headset:
Best of all - we don't need to assemble any of it: we are getting the professionals in ;)

Hopefully, all will be in place before I take two weeks leave in three weeks ... so you can expect just a little stress-release here and controlled chaos at the Centre!!!!

It will all be worth it, though!

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