Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today I am thankful - patience, reading and anticipation.

- for patience: anyone who follows me online or has to deal with me face-to-face needs great patience right now, as I am grumpier than I can stand, let alone anyone else.I am counting the day until it is Spring, as I need sun and warmth and nature to help me get out of this fug.

- for reading: I am progressing in my effort to make up the backlog of books to meet my personal Goodreads challenge to read 52 books in 2011. It seemed quite manageable, as all things do, in January!But my secret weapon is to replace my usual radio listening as I commute with audio books - aha! - which I used to listen to constantly when I drove an hour + to work each day when I worked full-time. Now I only do 20 mins each way three days a week, but it all adds up! And by slecting slimmer volumes of paper books and keeping my Kobo charged, I am getting there!

- for anticipation: Doctor Who returns this Saturday, along with a new series featuring the wonderful James Nesbit :) sadly, this kind of Saturday night entertainment is more appealing than partying these days!

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