Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today I am thankful - Spring, vintage and power-points

- for Spring! Alrightt, not really spring but a taste of it :) I am so over winter, it was so lovely to walk to the post and feel warmth from the sun.

- for vintage: the postman stepped through a time-warp with my mail today - a vintage Scrabble game with bonus vintage travel Scrabble, plus a vintage Enid Blyton book - Ebay finds that together looked like a snapshot from times past.

- for power-points! Yeah, its the little things that make me happy - the electrician returned and moved the multiple points he installed six months ago back alongside my desk, which had moved to a different room! Seriously over power boards, double adapters and extension leads! Sadly, Kintara will need to wait a little longer as her new power points are still on my side of the wall which will be relocated with our refit! Patience dear, patience ;) But the good news is the plans are approved, we just need to wait for the government cheque!

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