Monday, August 1, 2011

Today I am thankful - Friends, wool and rest (plus Mr Do-Bee!)

- for old friends: on Saturday I lunched with my oldest* friends for the first time in ages and honestly, it is like slipping into comfy slippers being with them! Our shared history covers 35-40 years and we slot back together like no time has passed. There is a lot more of "You know, whatshisname?" and sharing of various signs of aging, but deep down, we are still just four teenage girls from school getting away with whatever we can! *oldest as in longest friendship, not oldest people!
Girls at Boyz @ Manyung Gallery, Mornington
- for wool: my basket is full to the top! Each of the friends I saw on Friday and Saturday contributed a ball or more to be worked into my Friendship Blanket, so my crochet project will continue to grow :)

- for rest: I have Mr Do-Bee from Romper Room stuck in my head, after a thought this morning that some days I DO and others I BE! Yesterday and today are BE days, focused on rest, reading and crochet - with maybe a scrapbook session later and a trip to the chiropractor (who will mutter about the rest he thinks I should take far more often!!!)
"Try to do what's right
and not do anything wrong
I'm a Romper Room Do Bee
a Do Bee all day long"
 Romper Room spanned the period from my pre-school years to those of my eldest child, starting in Australia in 1963 (the year I was born) and ending in 1988 when Melissa was four. My memory may often be challenged due to the cognitive impact of multiple sclerosis, but I still remember the words to nearly every song from the show! Extra trivia - one of my friends in the photo above is married to a man who was actually on Romper Room as a pre-schooler! Sadly, I was never so lucky!

This is an American version, but it will give you the general idea if you are too young to know what I am on about!

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