Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today I am thankful - technology, decorating and completion

- for technology: I have a new  work laptop :) One of the only perks I have (apart from all the yummy baby cuddles I get) is that this is also my at home computer and commutes to and from home/work with me. My last one had reached that overheating/working-slowly point, so that always makes a new one extra-shiny and wonderful! I chose to go down from a 15" to a 12", to minimise the size issue and also have a lighter, thinner model. So I have gone back to a monitor/keyboard/mouse on my desk to make it more ergonomic for using six hours a day at work. It is a joy to have everything up and running ( a slight hiccup getting my Outlook synced but working through that) and using Windows 7 after Vista (although I never minded that, unlike many!)

- for decorating: I am enjoying the fruits of my labour as my living room makeover comes together. This week I added a rack of Scrabble letters to spell out BOOKS on the wall above my bookshelves. And I now have an idea to revamp the gallery wall near the television.
Almost done - my Scrabble table

New home for a figurine!

To Do - time to revamp this wall.

Scrabble letter canvases from Typo!
- for completion: my Friendship Blanket is just about done: I finished the edging last night and now just have to deal with some loose ends! And I made a crochet laptop sleeve on the weekend!

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