Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today I am thankful - Fry, Facebook and pain-free

- for Stephen Fry :) he is everywhere with me at the moment - in the car I am listening to his Fry Chronicles on CD as I travel to and from work. In bed I am listening to him read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (by his friend Douglas Adams who was just describing in the car!), on the telly I am loving him in Kingdom and always in QI; in the post MOAB is my Washpot on CD is winging its way to me and I have long been a Twitter fan and blog follower.

- for Facebook - as always but especially when I connect with new people and then wonder how I ever lived without them in my news feed! It is just such a great way to share stuff with everyone and leads to great conversations about books, life and more. I never seem to have the sort of negative issues others describe - obviously I only know nice people ;)

- for pain-free: after again waking with a blinding headache at 2am (exactly the same time as occurred about a month earlier!) I booked straight in to see Shady my chiropractor. I was pretty sure it was related to the chronic problem I have with my upper spine and sure enough, he zoned in and did his stuff and today I have no headache :)

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