Monday, August 8, 2011

Today I am thankful - focus, 3yo and talking

- for focus: I haven't been thankful-blogging every day lately and that is okay, because I am trying to have less screen time and more time reading, scrapbooking and crocheting. I am whittling down the number of books I am "behind" in my Good Reads challenge to read 52 this year, I have made a great start to getting Kaitlyn's wedding scrapped and my Friendship Blanket continues to grow.

For 3 year olds - yep, they drive you to distraction with their endless questions, but that can lead to amazing conversations: today at a meeting at the Breastfeeding Centre, I was interrogated by a boy who wanted to know what the balloon was for. I carefully showed him how I use it to teach mothers to use the electric breast pumps we hire (it demonstrates the change in suction strength as you adjust the dials). But then he needed me to show him how the other ones on the shelf worked, so I showed him the manual version of the same pump which he capably worked out the piston action. Next was another one with a squeeze action - quickly handed back as it hurt his hand (I get the same feedback from mums!) So I asked which one he liked best and he announced "the one where you just push the button!" LOL and we thought it was just adults who preferred auto over manual!

- talking: on the telephone! Yes, I do it all day at work but not so much at home unless I am doing a shift on the Breastfeeding Helpline. But today I phoned a few people about this and that and spent a nice hour or two chatting. Just like in the olden days before we had email, chat and Facebook!!!

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Tangerine Meg said...

Are you sure? More books than blogs? Oh my, I need an overhaul of my habits...