Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Radiant Goddess!

A month ago, I entered an online women's Circle established by a lovely lady known to all as Goddess Leonie. I have been following her blog for ages now, am friends with her on Facebook and have previously done one of her online courses (I love how the Internet has opened up such enterprises!)

So, three weeks ago I and many of the other "Goddesses" began our 21 day journey to becoming Radiant Goddesses. For me, the motivation is my need to be as physically fit and healthy as I can be for the months of October and November as I combine my busiest time of the work year with my daughter's upcoming wedding!

The course is a combination of a healthy eating plan based around raw foods, meditation, movement and daily tasks focused on all of these. Now, if you are thinking, well yes - a little - but also a real opportunity to nurture your body and review how you nourish it both physically and mentally.

Following straight-on after my eco-shopper experience and coinciding with my reading of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, the timing was great! I was highly motivated to give my diet the overhaul it needed and return to some of the eating habits that I used to focus on as part of my MS management. I guess the hassle-factor of eating well even when the rest of the family were not led me to forget just what a difference it can make.

I modified the diet plan to suit my needs - I reduced but did not eliminate dairy, meat and wheat from my diet and continued my high fish intake (a key MS recommendation). I dusted off my blender and my juice extractor and rolled up my sleeves for some serious food prep!

So, here I am at the end of Day 21. I have been starting my days with a super-smoothie concoction that I have perfected over the three weeks -

Into the blender:
a banana
a handful of frozen berries
a slurp of organic yoghurt
a dash of apple juice
a handful of cashews/almonds/walnuts
a sprinkle of LSA mix
a dollop of honey
a drizzle of walnut oil
and a handful of fresh baby spinach leaves!

Yes - spinach - I never knew there was a world of green smoothies but now I am addicted! Get those leafy greens done and dusted at breakfast time! The combined goodies tick several of my MS requirements for omega-3 fatty acids and I am primed with anti-oxidants, calcium and more before I even leave the house!This mix keeps me going until lunchtime or even beyond.

My diet through the day has focused on fruit, vegies, more fruit, nuts, canned fish and gluten-free bread: I thought I would go the whole way with avoiding wheat in the end and feel better for it. mmm ...

Dinner has either been prepared by me around the menu plan or modified from whatthe others were cooking. I had decided not to fuss too much with dinner and accept that on work days especially, I would need to be flexible. It worked out quite well!

In the end, I feel really well and am looking to incorporate a lot of it into my on-going diet. After THREE WEEKS without chocolate (and a growing stash hidden by Melissa for me!)I am looking forward to moderately including it back in my diet - dark chocolate is my favourite and it is very good for you!

If you would like to participate in this or any of the other wonderful courses offered, you can access the whole site for only $99 per year! This is a small investment for what I can promise you is an amazing package of goodies. Have a look and see what you think - I am off to keep working on my Creating a Goddess Haven course!

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