Friday, September 10, 2010

Aisle10 - Material challenges: clothes, cotton, swapping and shoes

* Challenge 28: Can a girl be eco-smart and still be stylish?
* Challenge 29: Can you find out where your fabrics come from?
* Challenge 30: Handmade and hand-me-downs
* Challenge 31: Shoes and handbags: can a girl ever have enough?

From the time I "grew up", I have not been a slave to fashion. Like everyone else in the 80s, I had my "Colours Done" and that changed the way I looked at clothes. I no longer bought what one must have, but focused on what I believed looked best on me.

As a child, I was dressed by an op-shopping mum who was way before her time and therefore, very daggy and embarrassing. So once I started earning my own money, I ran like mad from the concept of hand-me-downs and secondhand anything.

However, times changed, my income did too and I changed my life perspective on Reduce, Reuse, Recyle.And I embraced the world of good quality, used goods.

These days, my only concern when it comes to clothing is - do I like it?
That means it needs to be comfortable, colourful and ethical.

I source my clothing from second-hand stores, shops which stock fair trade goods from communities who need the income, markets and small online retailers and the like. The only "mainstream" brand I buy new is Motto, which is Australian made and owned - the fabrics are man made and I don't know where or buy whom, which I will now investigate. I love it because it is designed for women, not girls!

Because my daughter works at Savers, a recycled department store, some of my clothes that are purchased there or elsewhere will end their life returning there (if items are unsaleable, they are "ragged" which brings in additional income for the charities who profit.) I also look here for furniture and household items and, of course, books!

There are three things I have learned a woman needs to invest in well - bras, shoes and handbags! I am into quality, not quantity and mourn the end of life of my favourites.That doesn't mean designer rubbish, it means stuff that fits me and won't fall apart in five mins. My bra brands are Intimo and Body Wise, I like Dianna Ferrari shoes and Louenhide bags. And I love my Crocs :)

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Tangerine Meg said...

I have been enjoying reading this series of posts, and glad you know about Bodywise bras. Aren't they wonderful?
After your observation that Motto is for 'women not girls' I googled them, and am most impressed - divine colours and groovy styles. How do you find the man-made fibres are to wear? Look forward to hearing what you find out about their ethics etc.
Thanks for being such an inspiration :)