Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aisle 8 - Liquid challenges 2: cold drinks

* Challenge 22: Does organic booze beat the hangover?
* Challenge 23: Juicy fruit: squashing your own
* Challenge 24: water: what's the best?

As I am barely even an occasional alcohol drinker nowadays (not compatible with my medication) I will have to take a pass on the first issue.

Now juicing, there's a funny thing. I was quite the avid juicer several years agao, with a (then) state of the art juice extractor and all. But dealing with the pulp got to me in the end, life got too busy and the machine was pushed to the back of the cupboard. I continued juicing citrus though, occasionally and not as regularly as I could.

However, even before reading this section of the book, I have been intending to return to the juicing habit - if nothing else, as a way of dealing with some of that fruit and veg! I got as far as putting the old extractor into storage and making plans to update to a new one soon.

So push has come to shove - I am now researching improved technology (I want one with a separate pulp collector!) and in the meantime, have hauled the old one out of storage AND started today with fresh apple juice! I have also borrowed a book from the library to inspire me and look forward to stocking up on extra goodies next time I shop.

I am back on the juicing thing!

Water - my aunt once commented on the modern phenomenon of carrying water bottles as we go through life. In the past, life was slower and days were punctuated by breaks for tea from a pot. You tended to be at home most of the time, where perfectly good (maybe even from a tank!) water was drunk from the tap, via a glass.

Picnics and excursions included The Thermos - maybe even two! - filled with hot water or cold drinks. If soft drinks were around, they came in a crate directly to your home, delivered by a friendly man and rationed out by parents.

In my youth, nobody drank water unless they were forced to (unless it came from the drinking taps at school!) and drinks away from home were mostly Coke and other soft drinks. I cannot even imagine us asking for a bottle of water, let alone lugging a bottle of the stuff in our bags!

Then we all got conscious of needing to drink less soft drink and more water. Days out became everyday and it was easiest to just buy the bottled water the shops now stocked. Plastic drink bottles were for cyclists - or school kids. But we were not to bask in that rosy haze for long - no sooner had we all started buying bottled water, than we began to be told we shouldn't! So everyone starting buying plastic drink bottles and kitchen cupboards exploded with them. Now, we are told, those plastic bottles are more harmful than the tap water and we should use metal ones - we have gone full circle and I should have kept my old canteen from Girl Guides!!!!

So, my current status is this:
* I avoid buying bottled water unless I have not planned well and brought my own.
* I use water from the tap - except at work where we have a water dispenser
* I mainly use Tupperware Eco bottles, but intend buying a stainless steel one.

And my primary focus is to spend less time lugging it all around and more time remembering to drink it!

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