Monday, September 13, 2010

Confessions of an (Aussie) Eco-shopper - reflections

When I picked up this book a few weeks ago while browsing at the local library, I didn't know it would take up so much of my thoughts and change some of my habits!

Here I am, at the end of my journey auditing myself against the challenges the author set herself in the book. And fairly pleased with the results. I have made a couple of changes already and have plans to make some more. Overall, we measured up pretty good against the challenges, having already met most of them.

So, here is to future improvements:

* planning to check out the local Farmer's Markets - there are plenty to choose from in our area, so I intend this to become part of my regular weekend activites.

* try and reduce the takeaway meals by planning ahead more.

* revisit the recycled toilet paper section and see if the quality has improved!

* sticking with my new moisturiser, Moo Goo, which I love and discovered via this book!

* sticking with my new crystal deodorant, which I am not sensitive to AND find quite effective :)

* buying fair-trade coffee for work and home.

* buying a stainless steel drink bottle

* awaiting a response to my email to Motto about how and where their fabrics come from.

* investigating worm farming!

It has been great to take another look at our lifestyle in this way and I thoroughly recommend it!

And visit Kate Lord at her blog for more inspiration!!

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