Friday, December 28, 2007

Peace and Quiet!

It is so lovely here atm. Rodney is back at work, so he left about half an hour ago. Everyone else is still in bed and I have everything to myself! Bliss!

It is going to be hot today, but on the lower end of hot, before the temps soar over the next few days. So I think I might pop out and do some bits and bobs today, so I don’t need to go out when it is horribly hot. I have to go and spend my voucher at the book shop – what joy! – and I have $50 burning a hole in my pocket – MIL gave everyone cash this year! We each got $50, except Ashley, who got half, because he is only half in, as she said! I am going to spend mine on something scrapping related – possibly some shelving for the wall above my current shelf unit. That might involve a trip to Ikea … sigh!

Kaitlyn is sleeping in after seeing Priscilla last night, with Ashley’s mum, sister and – reluctantly – father! Ashley got to miss it, as he has gone away on a boys trip! He will be back in time for the NYE gathering they are planning at our house.

Melissa worked last night so she can have a sleep in until she needs to get ready for work this afternoon. She is still coming off the high of seeing the Golden Compass – she has read all the books and is desperate that they make the rest into films. She is on top of the world, with Prince Caspian to look forward to and the news that Peter Jackson has (finally) got permission to make TWO films based on The Hobbit!!

Kieran has finished the Xbox game he got for Christmas so last night the Dr Who epic began. It is a hard life …

Anyway, that is about it for now. Might do some scrapping – made a mini album of the family photos yesterday and did a LO of one of the pics I took of Melissa at the park. Must take some photos and upload.

Have a nice day!

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