Friday, December 21, 2007

My Morning

I have just spent an hour or so restoring order to our fridge and pantry: the lunatics have been in charge of the asylum! Rodney put the months shopping away last weekend and totally ignored the labels on shelves and Tupperware. The result – overflowing shelfs and “nowhere to bloody put anything”.

I took everything out and then put it back on the correct shelves. Packets emptied into Tupperware. Result? Everything put away AND spare shelf space. Can I say anything? No, of course I can’t, because when a man does housework they must be treated with admiration and praise. Will he say anything? No of course not, because when a woman does housework it must be ignored and overlooked.

I prefer it when Kieran puts the shopping away – his slight OCD tendencies shine through! But you should see him in charge of the shopping trollies (yes, plural) – like a major general barking at us if we buck his system! LOL!

So now Mother Hubbard can see what is in her cupboard (bugger, I was sure there was plenty of flour!), make a small dash to the little supermarket at the end of our street (for said flour) and actually tackle some baking on the weekend: I feel like Christmas cookies! Maybe some muffins for our breakfast extravaganza Christmas Day! I had a recipe for some Plum Pudding Muffins … last year? Mmm …google!!!!

I have also corralled the coffee shop also known as a corner of the kitchen bench (rivalled only by the tea shop in another corner!) Apparently, you cannot have too much coffee! I don’t drink it, just Rodney and Kaitlyn, so I have no idea what is what, let alone how to use the machine that makes noise!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, that pantry thing sounds exactly like my house. I even labeled a shelf CEREAL and yet it ends up everywhere BUT there. Men, jeez (but ya gotta love em). Glad I found your blog, from you visiting mine. I left you a comment over there.