Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am just about finished!

Got the last major pressies today and did the monthly grocery shop! I think I now only have a few small stocking stuffers which I can pick up through the week, so apart from the fruit, veg, meat and other fresh stuff, hopefully I won't need to brave the shopping centres again!

Mind you, I don't mind crowds so I don't find the shops the horrendous experience that some do, but it does seem to drain your energy more when there are more people about.

So I think everyone is getting something they will like and that is all you can ask for. A couple more to wrap (if I ever get the place to myself!) and then it is all over bar the waiting.

Off to lunch with The Girls tomorrow and then just three more work days (ever?) before I am officially on holidays. I imagine next weekend will go fairly quickly with just the everyday stuff!

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