Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Trip to the Big Smoke

Here are the photos from our annual trip to the City.

We took two cars to fit us all in and I had the *joy* of supervising Melissa driving in – yay! It was very exciting on the highway, as a huge cloud of smoke caught everyone’s attention – it was a factory fire in Moorabbin. After we passed it and got closer to the City, we counted NINE fire trucks roaring past in the other direction. Very disturbing. (Are supervising drivers meant to play photographer? No?)

We had a lovely time wandering and shopping and eating and this year, Ashley researched exactly where ACDC lane is (last year he had us aimlessly wandering) so we indulged his request and staggered up hill to take his photo. A bonus on the way back was seeing Brian Mannix having drink on the footpath!!!

We did the Block and Royal Arcades. Melissa had to be surgically removed from Spellbox, but the lure of iced chocolates finally coaxed her out!

The Myer windows are lovely – I had managed not to hear what the theme was and we were delighted to find it is Graham Base’s book Uno’s Garden – Animalia and The Eleventh Hour were big favourites around here when the kids were younger. We bought the book on our way back to the car as we passed through Myer!

Of course, part of the whole visit is seeing Santa and having the annual photo taken!
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