Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October - blink and you'll miss it!

It’s October, so every week is chock-a-block with getting ready for events on the weekends or recovering from them!

I thought I would tell you what we did at the Pets Day Out on Sunday. We go to this every year (it is where the kids met their snake-handler) and Silky loves it. It is her idea of heaven: rows of stalls which are most likely to have doggy treats to give her, buckets of water to taste every few metres, lots of other dogs …. And lots of dog people to make a fuss and pat her! Perfect!

I really didn’t think she would be there this year, after her recent bad health. That really knocked her for six and she is still getting back to the new normal. But Sunday saw her happy to go. Now, a few weeks ago at the show, we spoke with a pet photographer who we see each year at the day out and she mentioned she was doing a special promo this year, with a free on the spot sitting and a 5x7 print for $25, with the money going to a fund for animals. I decided to book her in. Silky has been difficult to photograph right from the start – her pure black colour made it hard to get definition and her inability to sit more than a metre from the photographer didn’t make it easy! After 15 years as a key family member, I decided that it would be nice to capture her professionally.

So the super model rolled up for her moment in the spotlight and loved every minute of it! Of course, she soon had the photographer and everyone else cooing and giving her treats and took to being centre of the universe quite well. I was not so thrilled when the photographer suggested I get in shot and took a series of photos of the two of us :0 But – through the wonders of the modern world – the digi photos were downloaded to her laptop and we got to view them straight away! Of course, I ordered more than just the one, but I had fully intended to buy a few. We ended up with two head shots of the super model and two photos of she and I together.

This probably means I have descended to “one of those people” who have fur children! I have already decided the breed of my next dog will be a King Charles like Amanda has (I have been checking them out everywhere!) so that will be better suited to lap-dog status! But we don’t talk about the future, we just focus on the present.

Now madly preparing for the PBC Expo this weekend and the pram stroll the following Sunday. And must remember Kaitlyn is 20 on the 30th!!!

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