Saturday, October 27, 2007

Being a Mother VIP Breakfast

Wedensday saw Karen P and I off bright and early to a fundraising breakfast held by and what a great morning it was!

Guest speakers were Tanya Costello (yes, Peter's better half!); Jennifer Graham, the woman behind the successful Crabapple Cupcakes story and Vicki Gazis, Ambassador for the Leukaemia Foundation…sharing their experiences of motherhood.

We had a lovely meal and each recieved a goody bag AND a cupcake packaged up in a noodle box: very girly!

Jennifer was especially inspirational, although Tanya did show there is at least one sensible person in the Costello household (nothing to do with politics, I just think Peter is a bit of a drip!)

I bought a copy of Jennifer's Cupcakes book and got her to sign it for Kaitlyn: meant for her birthday next week, but I gave it to her as soon as I got home!

The cake I ate all by myself :)

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