Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was twenty years ago today.....

Well, it started 20 years ago yesterday, actually! On the afternoon of our fourth wedding anniversary, my body went into labour for the very first time, in what we dearly hoped would be a VBAC delivery of our second child.

Unfortunately Kaitlyn must have been sleeping during all those childbirth classes, so she presented posterior and 24 hours of unsuccessful contractions ensured before we all called it quits and agreed to have another caesarean. I had my trial of labour and trial it was! A sticking hot 36 degree day, a burst hot water tank in the roof drowned a cupboard full of linen and precious photos and that was before breakfast! My contractions were of the lazy type: they stopped when I did, so I spend HOURS walking the corridors of the hospital!

Anyway, 30 mins before Halloween began (!) our little lady was born by elective caesarean. And now she is 20 years old!!!!!!

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