Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blowin' in the wind

Well, this year's Pram Stroll was not as pleasant a day as previous events. The weather was against us. The day dawned an hour early, due to the start of daylight savings and by the time the event got started, the blustery north wind was doing it's best to remove all the marquees from the site!
With constant eye irritation from the dirt and debris being swept off the dry ground, it was a battle to keep everything in place: and the battle was lost for our poor feed and change tent! It was all hands on deck to stop the whole lifting and blowing into the middle of Albert Park Lake!
Meanwhile, our stand at the information tent was threatened by the billowing wall of the marquee, so we decided to cut our losses and repack all the stuff into my car, which we finished just before a few hardy souls drifted back after the stroll around the lake. Whipped by the wind and damp from the lashing waves, they were all a little worse for wear and didn't mind at all that their base camp was decidly tattered!
I am starting to think every feed and change I do will involve hanging onto poles and walls for dear life!

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