Monday, October 22, 2007

Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo

What can I say? We just had the most wonderful three days at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo!

For three solid days, with barely a lull, expectant and new parents queued to find out about ABA and breastfeeding support. We gave away almost 2000 showbags (we had enough and even brought some home!) as well as selling 35 subscriptions – yes, 35 (I think this is a new record!). We sold and promoted the calendar (will check figures tomorrow) we sold a couple of hundred raffle tickets for our wonderful hamper (winner thrilled!) rasing funds to spend on resources for our BERKs and counselled hundreds of grateful mums. And we told so many people about the BECS – including some who had already attended and others already booked in!

We also heard repeatedly how awesome our volunteers are, how fantastic our helpline is and how wonderful it is to be a group member. Essence is popular, the website brilliant, forum a life saver ….. BFN is terrific, booklets great ….

Special thanks to all my wonderful volunteers ….. Bronwen; Peta; Jen; Louise (twice); Ann (Twice); Jennifer; Maria; Lisa-Marie; Caroline; Jacinta (twice); Vanessa; Julie; Margaret and the girls from MD, including our own counsellors Sam and Susan (Happy 40th birthday!).

Karen and Julie’s shifts – both unable to come due to family dramas – were covered on Sunday afternoon by Jacinta, Ann and Louise. Each happily did a second shift and saved my sanity!

Never underestimate the value of events such as this: so many people told us they had joined at a previous expo. We are highly valued by so much of the community, yet still so many had no idea we existed. Thank you to all those who edit their regional handouts – they are a godsend at such times. Thankyou Bronwen’s showbag coordinating team. Thankyou to all those people who will be on the roster shifts, teach the BEC, hire the pump, run the meeting and deliver all the services we promised.

And we get to do it all again next Sunday at various pram strolls around the state! If you want to join the fun, give me a call or send an email. Melbourne’s baby boom continues and this is likely to be the biggest pram stroll ever!

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