Sunday, April 1, 2007

Update from NZ

Just MSNed with Melissa. First, her sad news: the father of her friend from uni has passed away. Not sure how atm, but he also had MS, but much worse than I. She is feeling a bit helpless being so far away.But not for much longer. She will leave Taupo around April 13th as previously advised and after visiting Rotarua, Auckland and a couple of other places, expects to arrive home mid May. I gently said but not on the 11th please – Mother’s Play and she laughed and said she was thinking sometime that week! ARGH! I urged a bit earlier or later – but if she comes earlier she can come to MP! She thinks that is a good idea too!So now must get her room ready. I will confine Rodney to barracks over Easter to take apart and remove her loft bed so we can replace it with a double bed at ground level. Have to get her a new doona too as Ash has pinched her’s. Would still like to pull up carpet and do floor boards while I still have a chance, so next weekend is the window! Then will bring her books and clothes back from storage. We agreed to start her off with basics and she can get stuff out of storage as she wishes. Probably will take off traveling in Australia at a later date after accruing some $$$$! I think she would stay home until after Christmas at least. Or long enough to work with me Scrapbooking her journey. And I am sure she and Kaitlyn will both be helpers at hot milk (the can stay at a backpackers!) and be babysitters, salespeople, gophers etc!So my full house will soon burst at the seams! Thank goodness for our domestic angel Debbie! She is itching to get into Melissa’s room, so that will help!Kaitlyn and Ash are away til Wednesday over at Queenscliff (where I went by ferry a couple of weeks ago) So just Kieran and I here atm as Rod is off cycling somewhere!

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