Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Day

I have had a quiet afternoon on roster, only two calls. I have spent my time continuing to transfer files from my old laptop and the old family PC to my new laptop. I was able to handover the old office pc to Julie yesterday after copying everything from it. My eyes are feeling the strain, but the light is at the end of the tunnel!Rod and Kaitlyn have just headed off to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert! He was given two free tickets! Ash is with his family today so it is just Kieran and I for tea – not that I feel inclined! He might get to make spag bol again – it has become his signature dish!!Have been summonsed to The Outlaws for lunch on Monday, hopefully I can get Rod to finish removing Melissa’s loft bed when we get home, so we can keep working on her room when he is back at work. We are starting her off with a double bed (climbing into a bunk loses its appeal after two years of back packing!) We have spare base in the storage unit, so I just need to buy a mattress. And doona. Good thing it is payday next weekend!!I can’t see the carpet getting pulled up/floor sanded as Rod is unmotivated  so I guess that will have to wait. At this stage I just want to get her room organised and set up before time disappears. Rod is off to Sydney for two weeks (including when Melissa returns) and we have a branch retreat on the weekend before she does. And now she is coming Monday April 30 instead of Tuesday May 1, so that means needing to be all sorted the weekend before, really. So, that’s my day. Bunny did not survive – mysteriously vanished leaving only torn purple/silver paper. Sad but yummy!!!!

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