Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Day

After waking at 6.30am and not being able to go back to sleep, I got up and uploaded some more photos to my new Google web page that will hopefully replace the photo bucket.Then went back to bed at about 8 and got some sleep. Got up around 10 and found Rod and Kieran up. Had brekky, did emails etc. Starting banging on Kaitlyn and Ash’s door at 11am. Took them 15 mins to appear, better than average!Packing taped the latest lot of flattened boxes from Maccas, got dressed sans shower (no point) and took deep breath and entered Melissa’s room. Managed to co opt all of them to help in varying degrees. Last box moved out around 1pm. Rod then decides to mosey out and see if he could hire a floor sander. After saying it couldn’t be done this weekend as he is working tomorrow!)I vacced the carpet – the less dirt when he pulls it up the better! While he was out I took down all the LOTR posters and declared my work here done! Am experiencing strong urge to paint trim in room, will see how time pans out.Uploading more photos and listening to Leo Sayer, even though Media Player is convinced this library CD is actually Elton John!Kaitlyn and Ash lying on couch watching Foxtel, Kieran setting up his files on the new desktop, Rod removing doors, skirting boards etc.Lounge room full of boxes – I am told the storage unit is *full*. It will rain, as furniture is outside. Have been pricing double mattress to go with base but now wonder If a bed with space underneath for stashing stuff might be more practical.Maybe some lunch …. Except there is a door blocking the pantry and another blocking the path into the kitchen – thanks, Ash!!!!! Maybe shower? Definitely take away for tea.

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