Saturday, April 21, 2007

Frustrating morning

As instructed, I had Kieran and his toe at the doctor’s between 9am – 1am: about 10.20 actually. I was assured an appointment was not needed, he was just to see Sister and have the dressing changed.Sorry says receptionist, Doctor has three other dressings to see and won’t have time, you will need to go to the medicentre at the hospital.‘Scuse me? Checks with Doctor again, nope sorry he can’t fit us in, go to medicentre.Grumble, grumble, back in car, drive back to Frankston from Langwarrin. Park at hospital, pay $1 for privilege, hike over to entrance: can’t get into medicentre, entry is blocked off.Go to reception to enquire: not open til 12pm! Sorry.Back to car, wasted $1 and all. Drive back to Langwarrin to get load of stuff from storage unit (conveniently located not far from bloody doctors!)Drive home, unload stuff. Unpack boxes. Fill in hour. Back in car, back to hospital, another $1 parking, into medicentre at 12.02: we are number four in queue to queue! Finally see lovely nurse, lovely doctor, dressing changed and back in car at 1.20pm! Drive back to storage, refill car, back home. Eat lunch. Rain descends. Umpteen trips to car and back with boxes in the rain, without help. Kieran has foot. Kaitlyn overdid it at gym. Ash resting. Rod too busy preparing to go to Sydney tomorrow for two weeks.Yeah – now 3pm, rain has set in. No point going back to storage in rain.ARGH!!!!!!

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