Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Memory a Day - an old take on Project 365

Two days into the new year and I have decided I want to tackle this project in a slightly different was this year. As well as capturing new memoires along the way, I am now planning to revisit old memories as well. with more than 25 000 images in my collection, lifetimes of photography from behind my lens, that of my father, grandparents of photographers before them along the family lines, as well as new images through the lenses of my children.

So Memeory a Day - an image every day, posted to Facebook and here on my blog. Some from the day and some from the vault, all with a little tale to share.

Bringing in the new year with a Doctor Who marathon. Kieran, Melissa and their cousins Sarah and Rachael, as they ended 20 hours after they started.

The growing wardrobe for the growing granddaughter2be. The slogan says it all - Famous on Facebook!


The O'Dowd males, circa mid-late 80s. Enacting a tribal ritual where one - any one - grabs the whole trifile and/or pavlova and announces "Well, here's mine, don't know what the rest of you are having."To which they all laugh. Sadly, we lost Uncle John (far right) a few years ago but the new generation of males have learned at their father's knees and the cry can be heard at every family feast.

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