Friday, January 4, 2013


You might have noticed a couple of YouTube clips have been posted on my blog. I have been playing with If This Then That. Basically it is a free application that allows you to automate different actions across various social media, by creating (or following) a "recipe"which works in the background without you even thinking about it.

So, using the YouTube clips as an example, I have set up my YouTube account to automatically post any video I add as a Favourite to my blog. All I have to do is mark it a favourite and you automatically get a post about it!

I have others in place - Instagram automatically adds pics to Dropbox. Google Reader automatically shares blog posts I star to Facebook and Facebook automatically adds them to Evernote! Etc, etc.

My camera already syncs photos with Dropbox but now IFTTT will automatically email those to Picasa! I am so backed up it isn't funny!!!

You can do almost anything between everything! Go have a look - If This Then That

Have fun!

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