Monday, November 1, 2010

When life gets too hard ...

The ever-wise Goddess Leonie recently blogged her list of what to do when everything sucks, her list of things to comfort when things go bad.

I thought I would put together a similar list, to remind me of the ways I look after myself when everything I touch turns to mud.

  • Escape. If not actually, then mentally. If possible, head for the beach. Or bed.
  • Nurture my senses. Freshen the oil burner, light the incense or candles, dim the lights. Play gentle music. Get away from noise.
  • Refresh my body. Have a relaxing shower, put on my jammies, snuggle under the doona.
  • Get outside. Take a walk. Potter in the garden. Breath fresh air.
  • Drink tea. Herbal or black. Make it a calming ritual - use my loose teas, my tea infusers, my favourite mug.
  • Disconnect. Retreat. Switch off the world.  Get away from negative people.
  • Surround myself with positive "people". Friends online or IRL. My children adults. My dog.
  • Read a book that makes me smile. Watch a program that makes me laugh.
  • Move on. Plan for change. Turn over a new leaf.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great idea to post things that make you feel better.
Ironically, I blog the deep dark stuff (like I did today). The act of blogging it lets me put that stuff in a box. ... I can come back to it if I want to, but am now free to forget it if I choose to.