Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It is the week of the wedding

I am not sure how, but the time has absolutely flown since Ashley proposed to my daughter Kaitlyn 12 months ago and they set the date for The Big Day, which is now known as This Sunday!

This week is a whirlwind of pre-wedding preparations and finalising all the plans that have been steadily made over the months. Who knew how busy Mother of the Bride (MOB) would be? So much for turning up on the day and smiling at everyone.

This week's To Do list is along these lines:

  • Final dress fitting and collection of bride and bridesmaid dresses
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Primping and pampering, of the willing (girls) and the bribed (Kieran)
  • Checking and double-checking that everyone will be correctly dressed from head to toe.
  • Planning for the "other" princess - aka Molly the dog!
  • Packing for two nights away
  • Confirming booking for bride, bridesmaids and MOB at a B&B the night before
  • Confirming everyone who is booked will be there!
  • Preparing to do reading in ceremony without too many tears
and then all the aspects of "normal" life, which insist on making their presence felt:
  • Awaiting the arrival of my new glasses, as now officially short-sighted!
  • Making sure that general provisions - like pet food - are in supply: this weekend is shopping day!
  • Making myself go to yoga class, because I know I really need it and the time is well-spent
  • This thing called paid work, three days a week
  • Taking my Photo of the Day, because the finish line is in sight.
Seeing her in her wedding dress and then hours later watching them all practice for Sunday's ceremony made is all very real. All those years of dress-ups and this is the real thing!

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