Friday, July 18, 2008

In the Doldrums

It is deepest,darkest winter and I find myself in my deepest, darkest place once again.

I really do need to acknowledge that this time of the year is down time for me. While the height of summer knocks me for six from an MS perspective (the heat and humidity sap my energy), winter is the peak time for my fibromyalgia symptoms to rule the day. I seem to crash mid winter each year. Every joint protests the changes in the weather pattern - I am some sort of living barometer! That is a job I could happily do without, but I seem to have no say in the matter.

My yoga class last night - the Rest and Renew class - saw my body protesting at every stretch. Today, despite selfish plans to use my day off to do stuff I wanted to do, I stayed under the doona until just now and the only reason I am up is because the one plan for today that was essential is to buy food! I have been putting off the big shop for days now, but the family will turn cannibal if I don't restock! I have bribed Kaitlyn to come with me.

I guess that is the part that peeves me most. I can try to ignore the pain and fatigue for only so long, then my body claims ownership and sends me running for cover.

Excuse me, but I was actually using that body!!

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