Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amazing journey

It sounds like the most basic of Disney storylines, yet it is a true story!

You will have read a couple of weeks ago that a cat arrived on our doorstep one night. Afer putting notices around the neighbourhood and a false hope along the way, we had given up hope of reuniting cat and owner and began wondering how to intergrate the animal into our husehold.

So imagine my surprise when my voice mail revealed a most likely owner! Even more surprised to hear that the woman, living only a five minute walk from our house, had actually given the cat to friend in Mornington two years ago and it was fom ther he disappeared six months ago! Was it even possible this could be the same well-fed, seek feline currently reposed on my bed?

The instant she walked in our door and spotted her old friend - Shadow - Deb burst into tears! Although Shadow showed no reall sign of recognition, it was obvious Deb did! She showed us photos of Shadow and it was certainly the same cat. She showed also a photo of Shadow and his canine pal Rikki, who she broght in from the car to reunite with his cat friend. Obviously, dogs had not continued to be friendly during Shadow's adventure and he didn't take kindly to the visitation!

Deb, Shadow and Rikki then travelled home around the corner, leavig us hoping we had done the right thing. Today, I spoke with Deb and found Shadow had spent last night snuggled up to her in bed and at the first opportunity, had crossed the fence to beat up the neighbour's cat: the very act that got him rehoused in the first place!

A search with Google maps shows us Shadow travelled 16kms during his half-year o the road, an amazing feat. He obviously befriended others along the way, as he wa in perfect condition at the end of the journey.

No doubt, we will see him again!

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ann_dee78 said...

I'm so glad the cat found his home again. We had a cat go missing for around 3 months and he came home very sickm, but in time to say his final good bye.
I'm glad that cat had a much happier ending to his story! :)