Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Don't believe everything you read in the paper

As I lobby to get the funding from the State Government to continue funding our office (and therefore my paid job, however that is a secondary concern!), re-reading an article published in the Herald-Sun in May this year make me even crosser than it did at the time!

You see, as we have been waiting since January to hear the decision we were then advised we would be given after the May State budget, we were confused to read the following, only to be told by the department that the article had nothing to do with them and must be referring to monies we had recieved previously!

Mums to get guides

Peter Rolfe
May 25, 2008 12:00am

BREASTFEEDING guides will be hired to encourage mothers to feed their babies naturally, under a Brumby Government plan.

In a bid to boost breastfeeding rates, the guides will work across the state.
Breastfeeding education classes are being developed, with more than $60,000 given to the Victorian branch of the Australian Breastfeeding Association to carry out the plan.
New figures reveal big variations in breastfeeding rates.

West Wimmera, Mansfield and Queenscliff have the highest breastfeeding rates in the state, according to a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development report.
But the City of Casey, which takes in Berwick, Cranbourne and Narre Warren, has by far the state's lowest rate.

Only 62 per cent of Casey mothers breastfed when they were discharged from hospital, compared with more than 93 per cent in West Wimmera and 90 per cent in Mansfield. The figure dropped to only 13.8 per cent after six months.

A department spokeswoman said culture, beliefs and a desire to return to work affected breastfeeding rates.

You can see how we thought we were getting our funding! But no, still we wait ...

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