Monday, July 28, 2008

Decluttering: Puppy style!

Ah there is nothing like a mobile baby to point out all the overlooked hazards and temptations your home offers below knee level :)

Molly is settling in well and gaining confidence in her new environment. Her retrieiving genes are revealing themselves hysterically: any treasure she finds is destined for her bed and she is an eternal optimist when it comes to size! Yesterday she was trying to drag a single bed blanket that the kids snuggle up with on the family room couch! Earlier, it was the bathmat while I brushed my teeth! Thankfully, she is just as happy to retrieve her own stuff, so will let you throw all her toys out of the bed and then retrieve them one by one - finally a child who puts her toys away!

She is a girly-girl. She is obsessed with my Lush hand cream and I have to fend her off after I use it, otherwise she tries to lick it off! And she shares my love of 'nice things' - when she finally got the lid off the storage box under my bed, it wasn't my summer skirts she wanted, but the lavender bag she found amongst them! When she suddenly smelled of lavender, I removed it, so she merrily went back and found another one. The box - and anything else that was also under the bed - were packed off to the storage unit yesterday :)

Molly is a very quiet dog: she barked once yesterday while attacking an innocent pink teddy (who misguidely thought his new home would involve a sweet baby, not a vicious puppy!) but apart from that, their have only been a couple of yikes brought on by surpise cat attacks! She is a great listener and keen to learn, so training will hopefully be smooth going. She loves her bed and will happily sit in it and watch the world go by on the rare occasion she is not the centre of the universe! Yesterday, she came along for the ride whe I picked Kieran up and she travels calmly and happily in the car, so that is a relief too! She worked out quickly that the kitchen is the place to be and very cutely sits the instant she sees you with a plate or cup in hand!

Frodo is coming around and I reckon they will be friends by the end of the week. Merry, always more cautious, is staying well out the way and Molly gives her a wide berth - on her first day, she poked half her body through the cat flap and encountered a very surprised cat on the other side! She hasn't gone near the cat flap again, which is a good thing, as the cats' food is on he other side!!

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