Sunday, June 1, 2008

Destination: Wagga Wagga - part one

It is Sunday morning and I am back at my aunty’s house for the day. A few minutes to catch up, so I thought I would journal my trip so far!

Friday morning began early, with a taxi at 6am to get me to Frankston station for the train to Southern Cross station (you know, Spencer Street!). Because of track work, the Sydney train was a coach for the first five kms, then transfer over to the train. After an efficient start, it all went pear shaped before were much north of Melbourne, where we came to a standstill, sat for quite some time and it was then announced that there was engine trouble, so we had to go back and turn the train around to use the other engine! So, after an hour and a half, we finally hit Broadmeadows and were out of Melbourne! However, only an hour and a half behind schedule in a six hour trip! The train ride was wonderful: I think I have mentioned I love train travel! I had loaded up the PDA with podcasts to keep me entertained and I had a brand new book about photo organisation to savour! We made good time and finally arrived in Wagga only 40 minutes late!!

My Aunty Becky collected me and we went to her house where talk quickly turned to family history … until were headed to bed after midnight! My thoughts that I am anywhere near finished scrapbooking family photos on this side was revealed as folly when Becky brought out masses of photos I have never laid eyes on in my life! Thankfully, my 76yo aunt is computer savvy and has been scanning away, so a lot of them are on CD and I can copy them.

We were up not so bright and early on Saturday, for Bruce and Linda to collect us for our great adventure. Bruce the Wonder drove us out to Temora, about an hour from Wagga. We managed to fill the time chatting (!) and then arrived in the gorgeous Temora. We got as far as Becky’ sfavourite dress shop, where her eyes galzed over at the sale sign, so she aired her credit card while Bruce, Linda and I took a turn about town and probably tripled the morning’s sales at the Rotary market (was it five or six stalls???). The patchwork shop was a heavenly retreat and I bought some tiny buttons. Then we retrieved Becky and her shopping and headed to the bakery for a lovely lunch.

As you do, after lunch we went to the cemetery and visited family. Our Sinclairs are there, reassuringly watching over a group of infants, so sad.

Then it was time to visit Janet and her brood!

We had a wonderful afternoon! At one point, Becky had to clarify that we had not spent many hours physically together, claiming we behaved as though we had been together since school! She is an honorary Buddy and – bemused at first by the whole bath thing – soon came to the decision we were all wonderful!!! Bruce is also an honorary Buddy: I could have popped him in my suitcase along with the gorgeous kitten Merlot! Janet had to frisk me on the way out, I loves that cat so much!!!! Sarah was a joy and did things with pink icing that no group of first time mums would ever have tolerated!!!! Milly the Naked one entertained us until the boys arrived home and then played hard with them – I was exhausted and envy her energy. Janet is the most patient mum, I take my hat of to her.

We did have to leave, sadly (and without kitten) and got home to Wagga for the most extraordinary, unexpected experience.

Bruce our driver took us up Kincaid St, to wave at Gran’s house as we went by. It was beautifully lit and the first time I had seen it at night, so we pulled over and I jumped out with my camera. A twist of fate slipped the flash ON, rather than OFF as I intended and a couple of paparazzi flashes later, a small Maltese was barking up a storm and a person came to investigate. Oh Lord, they think I am a prowler! I hurriedly explained as Linda came to my side and the lady was so lovely and INVITED US IN! We grabbed Becky from the car and I was shaking as I walked through the gate of memories! And then, we went in the front door and OMG!!!! Never mind the family connection, this house is wonderful! They have restored it so beautifully, Linda and I were oohing and ahhing over the wallpaper! I can’t begin to describe the beauty of it all. This wonderful woman was in the midst of having people over for dinner and they all welcomed us (“there is a man outside near a car: is he with you???”) and she showed us every room (all immaculate … strangers would not find my house in such a state unannounced!). We finally left them to their dinner and went to have ours at the local club, where Bruce shouted us all massive serves of various crumbed chicken delights! Completely over-fed, we waddled out to the car and dropped Becky home and collected my bags.

Back in the lovely Piper Palace, we checked our emails and watched Starsky and Hutch, until I called it a night before ten and headed for bed.

After a wonderful night’s sleep, Bruce gave me pancakes for breaky. Linda and I compared jammies and I admired her slippers, before she and Bruce got ready for church. They dropped me here and we are just starting to load images onto memory sticks! I have taken photos of each section of the poster sized pedigree chart of one family line, back to 1500!!!!!

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