Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cat Who Came In From The Cold

I sometimes refer to our place as being the top of the faraway tree, because you never know what each day will bring.

Last Wednesday night, it brought high winds, low temperatures and a cat.

We have no idea where it came from, but it was defintely relieved to see some caring humans when we opened the door to check it was okay. A lovely big, silvery-grey tabby cat (originally thought to be a desexed female but now thought to be a desexed male: a lot of tail lifting and comparing bits with our highly-insulted resident cats, who provide examples of both!), this affectionate being is happy outside, happy inside and generally unpeturbed that its own human family are not around but this one is!

I put out an alert via email to everyone I know who lives locally or has family here. We made signs which have gone up in local shops and telegraph poles, but there has been no response. Merry and Frodo, at first very resistant to the newcomer's presence, have reached a stage of affected intolerance and there have been some swipes and hisses exchanged, but generally a treaty is in place.

We truly hope this lovely animal will return to her family soon, but we are happy to give shelter until that time.

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